About our company


Our brand was born before legalization when opening a business in this industry still meant taking a risk and standing for something you believe in. Our founder has been a cannabis entrepreneur and advocate for almost a decade.

Niagara Try Dry opened up with onemission – to be the dankest weed shop in the country. We’ve closed and re-launched a number of times since then, but have always kept that mission in mind and recognized that the customer comes first. Long Live Snackie Chan.

Clean white marble floors and countertops with glass shelves filled with the largest selection of cannabis products in the city. Our store environment is second to none.



Niagara Try Dry budtenders are real connoisseurs with a true passion for the plant. We all consume and deeply understand cannabis. We care about our customers and want to help you find the best solution for your personal needs. You can trust that our recommendations and Staff Picks are Certified Dank and have been quality tested by the team.



We have the widest selection of quality cannabis products in the city. Pre-rolled joints, vaporizer batteries and carts, dried flower, concentrates, CBD-dominant items, edibles, beverages, topicals, capsules, oils and more.

We navigate the confusing legal market so you don’t have to. Our team handpicks a curation of the best strains and products in Canada. If we won’t smoke it (or drink/eat/vape it), we won’t sell it. Everything we put on the shelf has to meet the criteria of Niagara Try Dry’s ordering team, the same team that has been responsible for our ordering since day one.